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There may come a day where you might have to rely on your Survival Skills. Are you prepared? Do you have the necessary skills to survive in a SHTF scenario? Check out my YouTube Channel maybe I can give you a few survival tips, that may get you through a scenario just like that! I will teach you how to build things. Things from junk, that you can use to survive with, using things that are just lying around and how to be resourceful with what you have on hand most of the time.. What do you have to lose? it's completely free to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and it supports me so I can provide high quality videos on how I build these crazy projects. You never know what you will see! Who knows It just may save your life or the ones you love one day! So come and Join Me on my channel on YouTube!


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I Make YouTube Videos.... I make DIY survival stuff from junk, I will teach you how to survive in a SHTF scenario! Come Join Me on YouTube it's free.

From The Appalachian Mountains of WV
Also you may have seen me on T.V. on Season 2 Episode 6 of Fat Guys In The Woods "Swamp MacGyvers" only on The Weather Channel. Starring the one and only Creek Stewart!


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